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Message In Music

Message In Music

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A Personalized Message To Someone Special,

An Inside Joke,


Their Name Written in Song and Sheet Music

A Gift To Let Someone Know You're Thinking Of Them


You might be wondering how these songs are personalized!

The musical alphabet has 7 notes (A-G) so that means each note gets 3 or 4 letters 

Ex: Letters A, H, O, and V are all played as 'A' notes

I use this method to create a melody based on your message or name and then I build a song around that melody.


This makes each song personalized and unique based on the characters you send.

I'm also working on a few less personal options such as Happy Holidays, Happy Mother's Day, Happy Birthday, and Congratulations.

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Direct To Your Inbox or Download link - No Delivery Requirired!

I Create A Custom Piece of Music
Using Your Personalized Message or Name(s)

-Names/Messages up to 25 characters

-songs are 15 to 30 seconds

-easily shareable PNG, JPEG, and mp3 files 

$79 - Audio & Sheet Music (jpeg, png, & mp3)

$99 - Audio, Sheet Music & Webpage w/Qr code

(jpeg, png, & mp3)

Orders & Inquiries
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