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Patrick started piano lessons when he was 6, after a piano from a relative moved into his childhood home. As a young teenager he picked up his brother's Yamaha Classical Acoustic guitar and started learning some chords. At this point he had written some poetry, but it would be a few years before he'd bring his love of music and writing together to pen his first song the summer after graduating high school.

After studying classical piano growing up, Patrick studied jazz piano at St Francis Xavier University. Though he enjoyed learning about jazz and music theory, he also realized that his heart lay in songwriting, and that his acoustic guitar seemed the best tool for the job.

Meeting Bill Schnare (The Great Scots) when he returned home and benefiting from his musical knowledge and mentorship, Patrick made his first demos. He followed that up with his debut EP 'Front Porch Troubadour' (produced by Bill Schnare) an d nowit was time to start performing.


Patrick has performed all around the South Shore of Nova Scotia including opening for Dave Gunning, participating each year in the Afterglow festival, performing at Riverfest, and hundreds of other solo, duo, and trio gigs as well as theatre productions.



"What strikes me about his music is that, when he starts playing and singing, he instantly has the attention of his audience."


-Stefan Ramey,    Conquer All Music



"The thing I love most about Patrick's music is the thread of positivity that is woven through every song.


The melodies of the ballads are beautiful and calming and the uptunes make you want to move!I just love singing along to all his tunes!"

In 2016 he produced and released his first full-length album 'Loving Fear' working with Stefan Ramey at Conqueral All Music. This project was where his path crossed with talented musicians James Ramey and Dan Forward. For the last few years James and Patrick performed as The Nice Guys, and have recently been renamed The Patrick Thompson Duo.

2021 saw the release of Patrick's newest single 'Right Side of the Times' which calls 'a potent mix between folk and rock music' where 'The blue tone of the melodic line works as the perfect support for the emotional and meaningful message of the lyrics'


On A Different Stage

After joining the Glimpses crew in 2013, Patrick got his first experience taking part in live theatre, playing guitar under the tutelage of Hank Middleton. Over 5 years of playing sold out shows to people from all over the world he added some vocal performances and dialogue to his credits.

His time with the Glimpses cast led to his first acting role as Jesus in Have A Laugh Players' production of Godspell which was very well received by  audiences during it's run.

Since then he has had a few other lead and secondary roles and was part of the pit band for the recent Canada's Ocean Playground in the fall of 2021, and part of the Bluenose 100 show recorded to celebrate the 100th birthday of the famous Lunenburg schooner.

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